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What Kind of Mattress Should I Buy?

Posted on November 8, 2021 by Armando Alverio

Sleep replenishes the physical and mental energy spent during the day. It helps physical and mental wellbeing. Reduce sleep and you are dull, depressed and upset. Purchasing a mattress is a really important investment in your future health and happiness. However, with all the different sorts of mattresses out there now, how can you know which one is best for you?

The two chief things to consider when purchasing a mattress are service and comfort.


Your mattress should support the natural curve of your spine. Okay, but what exactly does that mean? It means you will need to keep the identical natural alignment whey you are laying down as when you are standing. If your mattress does not have sufficient support, it is going to sag, throwing your spine out of alignment. A mattress is also overly firm which will only support the heaviest parts of the body. It may be helpful to try this: take a teddy bear or a doll and put it on the table. You can see that there are spaces between the ring and the dining table.

The table is just supporting the regions of the doll which are linking with the table. Now put the doll on a pillow. The pillow comes into contact with the whole length of this doll with no spaces in between. This is exactly what you need out of your mattress. You want it to be firm, yet still conform to your body. Here's a general guideline to follow -

* Back or stomach sleepers generally do better with a firmer mattress as it won't let them sag in the surface at an unnatural angle. Air, water or foam mattresses aren't generally recommended because they don't offer this level of support.

* Side Sleepers usually place the best amount of weight on the tiniest regions of the body thereby creating pressure points. A side sleeper will probably want a softer mattress, particularly if they have a very curved or rounded figure.

* Since kids are lighter, they need a softer sleeping surface or else the mattress won't conform to their own bodies.

* A new mattress should always be set on a firm base, never a one. The box springs do a lot of the work for the mattress by absorbing tension and weight. The right foundation can extend the life span of the mattress, thus you should attempt to buy the box springs made to go together with your mattress.


There's absolutely not any one-mattress-fits-all. We're all different and have different ideas about what's comfortable or not. My very best advice here is to go to a mattress store and test out the mattresses. Lay on them at the place you normally sleep in. Here are some different kinds of mattresses that you might consider-

* Pocketed Coil Innerspring - helps reduce movement of the mattress. If you wake up each time your spouse moves, this sort of mattress will help.

* Latex - It is impression resistant, conforms to the shape of the body while offering support, hypoallergenic and germs and mould resistant. Additionally, it has great breath-ability, it is going to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Needless to say, people who have latex allergies should select something different.

* Multi-Zoned Latex - Latex mattress cores are always made with holes in them. These holes soften the latex and make it more comfortable. The larger the holes, the softer the latex core becomes. Most mattresses have the identical size holes throughout the mattress giving it a feel. The multi-zoned mattress has segments with different size holes. This provides the mattress different zones which makes it softer or firmer in various areas.

* Pillow Top - This is a mattress with an excess layer stitched to the top to make a pillow texture. It's terrific for comfort and support. You can find the exact same effect using a mattress pad or topper.

So, try out a few different kinds of mattresses keeping in mind just how well they will encourage you. If you are sharing your bed with someone who has different requirements, you may consider using two double beds side by side. You should also check to find out if the store you are buying from has a market policy. This permits you to swap your mattress for another if you find you bought one that was not quite right for you.